Caribbean’s Next Top Model Statement

For Immediate Release

Port of Spain, TRINIDAD

I have noted the recent statements in the press regarding The Caribbean’s Next Top Model from the current Management. From inception, I saw Caribbean’s Next Top Model as an viable opportunity to create a novel product from an existing, successful module at an international level that would highlight the talent of our Caribbean people in various industries. This was a project to which I dedicated countless hours. That being said, I can affirm that I am extremely thankful to the wonderful, talented crew that worked conscientiously and tirelessly and the stakeholders who brought the show into fruition.

To say that there were difficult moments in the management and financing of the show would be an understatement. Nevertheless, I wish to state that, upon leaving the show in December 2011, I was reimbursed for the option expenses I incurred. However, I did not make any profit on this show- other than a cheque for USD$0.50 (which I will keep as a memento), as the stated value of my 5% share holdings of the company at the time, and of course a greater understanding of how productions should and should not work.

I hope the focus of the company’s current management will now be shifted to effectively marketing the amazing product that our local crew was able to create, despite the many challenges. I wish the CaribeNTM Inc management all the best in their future endeavors.